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Why should you choose KATAG?

Young people are sometimes difficult to engage in physical activities, but they can and should move. They are, in some cases, disillusioned; everything can seem uninteresting compared to the speed and appeal of video games. Animation La Forge Inc., founded by a teacher and two child-care educators, offers a new group sport: KATAG: THE foam swords game. This concept aims to get kids moving in a safe environment while developing their imagination and strategic skills. It promotes the acquisition of fundamental values: sportsmanship, solidarity, respect and honesty.

Thanks to the discipline and order involved in this new game, management of the players is readily achieved. It is fascinating to see the excitement young people have for KATAG; they are motivated and disciplined.


“Playing with toy weapons is not the equivalent to real fighting (.) In fact, playing offers the possibility of avoiding that.”
– Nicole Nadeau, Child Psychiatrist, Let Children Play in Peace, Even During War


Girls and boys meet in healthy competition that makes use of each person’s skills and interests. For example, the strategic and imaginary parts of the game attract intellectuals, introverts and video game fans, while the action, team play and adventure aspects appeal to hyperactive, rebellious and athletically-oriented children.

Animation La Forge inc. offers complete leadership and management of a KATAG game for your professional development days, extracurricular workshops, children’s parties or other occasions for 20, 40, 60 or more players. Suitable for the gym or outside, we supply qualified activity leaders and all the necessary equipment.

Sports, education and imagination: a perfect match!