Pedagogical Days


Invented by educators in day care centres

KATAG on a pedagogical day includes:


KATAG can be played outside or in a gym.

As former child-care educators, we guarantee everyone will love it – girls and boys – big or small!

            • The sports component: Our team takes care of your groups for the KATAG foam-swords game. Duration according to age. Watch the video.
            • The complementary component: A book of themed activities that allows educators to work with their children while they are not with our team. These activities are connected to the free, online Fantasy Universe. They fall into three categories:

Team: « The Trials of Tangaro » Multiple challenges (Word Searches, Find the Seven Errors, Guess the Sentence, Physical Tests) completed by small teams who compete in a friendly competition.

Individual Colouring Pages, Maze, Connect the Dots, etc.

Online An adventure where you are the hero, creating your own cartoon character, etc.

Description of the KATAG activity for your registration forms: Click here to download the Word document

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