Reference Letters

Quebec City, February 3, 2004

Subject: Foam-sword Game


To Whom it May Concern,

This is to inform you that I have experienced Animation La Forge Inc.’s sword game concept with one of my Grade 6 classes. Here are my comments.

KATAG, « THE foam swords game », can certainly awaken the imagination of young girls and boys with its references to many stories, movies and legends in which the sword is used. Just think of the legend of Excalibur, King Arthur’s magic sword, or the sound and light sabres of the Jedi.

During the game, I noticed it was safe when played according to the rules established by designers Eric Dugal, Virginie Moffet and François Gobeil. It is important to state that no blows with force are tolerated. KATAG is a touch game. In addition, safety glasses are obligatory to prevent eye injuries, as required in many sports that use equipment that extends from the body. However, because the sword is made of foam, the danger of injury is much lower than in a game of ball hockey.

This game also helps to develop many skills as identified in the physical education and health programs.

To develop interactive skills because the game involves acquiring such essential knowledge as:

  1. Communication principles and modes of communication, because the teams must develop a strategy of attack for each charge.
  2. Action principles such attack, counter attack, protection of territory, etc.
  3. Technical know-how such as cooperative actions during a charge.
  4. Counter-attack tactics such as feints, dodges and parries with the sword.
  5. Cooperation / opposition actions when tagging the opponent to prevent advancement toward our team.

In short, the foam sword can certainly be a good tool to use in the context of physical education for extracurricular activities or during your professional days.

By the way, the girls also seem to enjoy the game.


Marie Gagnon
Ph.D. Physical Activity Sciences
Physical Education Instructor
L’Escale and Plateau School


Quebec City, March 20, 2006

Mr. François Moffet

Animation La Forge inc.
8625, boul. Cloutier
Charlesbourg (Quebec)
G2G 4Z7

Dear Mr. Moffet,

The 52nd edition of the Carnaval de Québec M. Christie is now a thing of the past but not the resounding runaway success of all the activities that were presented.

This success is due to the exceptional involvement of all partners, staff, volunteers, artists and craftspeople who, through their hard work, have made our great winter festival a unique event of which all Quebecers can be proud.

We thank you for your participation. The arrival of a new business like yours has allowed many people to regain their inner child! The public has had as much fun watching as participating in KATAG “THE foam swords game.”

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of your activity, the professionalism of your team and the enthusiastic response of our Carnaval visitors.

We sincerely hope that this is just the beginning for your young company and hope to replay KATAG “THE foam swords game” next year at Carnaval!

Sophie Blais
Director of Programming
Carnaval de Québec M. Christie