How to play

Guide your heros in a friendly game.

In each round of a game, two heros are in confrontation.
cartes_katag_mini 2

Use objects

and actions

to eliminate your opponent.

Built your legend!


Preparation: Every player places his four heroes on his Line.
The first player shuffle his Reserve, including all objects and actions, and place, face down, close to his heros.


The game consists of several rounds which are linked until a player wins.
A round consists of four steps

Step 1

Alternately, each players pick until he had tree cards in is hand.
Each player can discard one of is cards to pick a new one.

Step 2

Alternately, each players choose one of his heros and move from the Line to the Ground.
His two heros ere in confrontation.

Step 3

Alternately, each players play one card object or action, or pass his turn.

As soon as both players pass one after the other, this step ends.

The heros need pay the cost (Icon_Kara_Katagor  Icon_Objet_Katag) of the played cards with his availables points.
Attention, they can’t spend more points than they have.

A heros can do many actions that his points allow him.
However, he can carry at the most an object of attack and an object of defense.

Step 4

The players calculate the total of attack and defense of all heros who was in confrontation.

If a hero have a total of attack superior of the total of defense of the opponent, he is eliminate.
This one his put in the Pit with any objets he have.

If this two heros are eliminates, they are put together in the Pit.

The not eliminated heroes, are replaced on their Line with their objects.

All the played actions are put in the Pit.